Acappellooza 2023 Newman Center Parking Permits


How To Get And Use A Parking Permit At The Newman Center For The Performing Arts
Background Information

The University of Denver (DU) charges anyone who parks in their parking garage a fee per use. It may be either on the ground level as an hourly fee, or on the upper levels whichis a per car per day fee.  Chapter personnel will park on the upper levels. The ground level hourly usage is paid at a kiosk on that level and is used by the general public. The upper levels usage is paid either at the gate by show patrons, when DU provides gate staff during the event itself, or can be pre-paid by this parking permit procedure. For convenience, and because there is no pay-at-the-gate option for the upper levels when we park there hours before the event or even the day before at times, I arrange the parking permits prior to an event for the people (SOR and TL) who want to park there.

There is no requirement to park in the parking garage, and indeed there are reduced cost and free parking options in the areas around the garage.  People choose to park there because it is close and convenient to the venue, and they buy permits in advance for the convenience of
having the permit in hand when they arrive.

Each permit is $12 as of March 12, 2023. For convenience, the chapter treasurer deposits the total dollar amount in our bank account. However, the chapter is not making money from this. After the event is over I summarize the number of permits used, the permit dollar amount total, and submit that information to DU. The DU staff uses that information as part of their invoice to the chapter so that they are paid the amount owed to them for the parking permits.

How To Get The Permit(s)
Here is how the process works:

- There are potentially two days of permits available, depending on the need for a tech rehearsal the day before the show, or simply as a load-in day. There is either a permit for one day (show day) or two days of permits available as necessary.

- I will email a notice to all when I plan to start accepting permit orders. 

- You determine how many permits you want, for which day(s), payment type, and let me know in person at an SOR rehearsal, or by email, phone call, or text.  Timberliners  people contact me on the phone, text, or email. In any case I will let you know how much you owe for your order at the time of the order and will ask you how you intend to pay.

- Payment is by cash, check, or MHC Bucks. If you are using MHC Bucks be sure you have enough in your account to cover the payment. SOR people pay me in person at SOR rehearsals.  

The Timberliners alternate payment method is to send a check to me in the mail.

- Once I receive your payment, I will email the permit(s) to you as a PDF along with a parking garage map and gate instructions. When I receive the permit(s), I will email the permit(s) to you per your order. 

How To Use The Permit(s)
- You print out the permit(s) PDF at your convenience and scan it at the parking garage gate to get in.

- If you ordered multiple permits, simply print out the emailed permit multiple times. This is OK because all the permits for any given day are the same QR code, and they will all work at the gate. You may also email the permit to another person for whom you ordered the permit so
that they may also print it out and use it.

- You will receive gate instructions from me as part of the emailed information. Follow the instructions to scan the QR code properly and gain access to the garage.
- Leave the permit on your car dash while parked so that you dont receive a DU parking citation.

If you have any questions, certainly contact me.  Although I intend for this process to work smoothly, and it does for the most part, there are inevitable hiccups.  I will address those as they happen.

Contact Information
Mike Kennedy
MHC Facilities Manager
[email protected]